Otra forma de invertir proyectos inmobiliarios

Mermejita Beach, Oaxaca. México, diciembre 2018. picture: Angélica Escobar.


By Dolores Pérez Islas

«CEO and managing director of SILMEXICO Investment Properties»

Talking about real estate in Mexico, especially on the subject of hospitality it has become a spot of attention to passionate investors who demand creative projects.

The investment in real estate currently reflects one of the main factors that drives the economic development, in spite of the conservative projection that the World Bank has of about 2.9% for 2019, the best alternative is have capital available to invest in properties that are viable and profitable in the long term, given that the predilection in real estate above other sectors, obeys to its protection against inflation, it is also a shelter because of its stability and long term appreciation.


Throughout my experience, talking about real estate in Mexico, especially on the subject of hospitality has become a spot of attention to passionate investors who demand creative projects and each time with more emphasis on disruptive developments that focus on life style specifically. This represents the perfect juncture to link them with the existing real estate supply, currently there is a diverse portfolio of real estate projects that offer multiple options to invest in different beach destinations around Mexico, however, the big challenge is to find the ideal choice with excellent investment return, groundbreaking and that guarantees its permanence through the lapse of time. Real estate by definition is an asset of intensive capital  with a long life cycle in terms of usefulness and investment.

Even though it can become obsolete through time, but functional and operational, nevertheless, the introduction of differentiated models and new technologies can mitigate the impact of obsoleteness, improving the efficiency, flexibility and residency and strengthening the value of the asset hand in hand with the creation of projects that involve the concept of community as its most important asset.

In our country the price of housing has been increasing more than 9% by the first semester of the year, based on the SHF index for housing prices, the destinations above the national average are Quintana-Roo riviera, Puerto Vallarta, Nayarit, Mazatlán, Baja California and Yucatan. Even though it is demand that determines the added value, if a destination becomes a trending vacation spot it tends to elevate its prices, because it offers the advantage of better investment return, it becomes more attractive and incentivizes those who are at the right place right before the real estate “boom” which represents an opportunity not only for foreign investors with the largest acquisition possibilities, given types of exchange, but also for the Mexicans whose income is not in dollars  or any other foreign currency.



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