In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, this Privacy Notice is issued, in order to inform the user of the use that the Company will give to the personal data that it has collected from The Employee and the one that he comes to collect in the course of the employment relationship, such as domicile, age, religion, marital status, health condition, email, telephone numbers, bank accounts, spouse's name, children, beneficiaries, identity documents, immigration quality and nationality, federal taxpayer registry, Single Population Registry Code and social security number, among others.

The sensitive personal and personal data of the user will be use by The Company exclusively for the purposes of the relationship to our work and will not be transferred to any third party outside of it, except for the fulfillment of legal obligations before the competent authorities.

For their protection, it will not be put directly to the general public, presenting data approx. such as address, street, colony, place, etc.

The user can (1) access, rectify, cancel, oppose, limit and revoke the use or disclosure of their personal data and sensitive personal data and (2) contact the Company in case of any doubt regarding the privacy notice contained in this clause, through the following means: (i) submitting your request in writing in person at the address of the Company addressed to Mr. Pedro Pérez Islas, who is the attorney of the Company and who has been designated as responsible for the Privacy of the Company, (ii) by sending an email to the following email address:, or (iii) by calling the telephone number (33) 21010136.

The privacy notice contained herein may undergo modifications, changes or updates that will be informed to the user via email and that he may consult on the Company's website located at,,

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