Jalisco the best place to invest in Real Estate with a growing return on investment.

In recent years Jalisco has positioned itself as the «Silicon Valley» of Mexico, as its capital Guadalajara and its Metropolitan Area are constantly growing, housing different lifestyles as well as jobs.

The new construction trends have favored the growth of this city, we can find more mixed-use developments, in which you can find commercial services, offices, and apartments, covering the needs of this city in constant expansion.

Also, it is estimated that in 2020, Mexico will be a trend in Tourism as reported by Preferred Hotel & Resorts; In addition to this Jalisco has been positioned as a great place to invest in the real estate industry, this is because a couple of days ago an investment of 18 billion pesos was announced by the Pacific Airport Group (GAP) to Jalisco airports, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

«Little by little, the Guadalajara airport will become a very important hub […] We are seeing a metropolis that is growing in a very important way, and we need to bring the infrastructure for it,» said Raúl Revuelta, general director of GAP.

This is how the real estate market benefits, the growth of the city, the promotion of tourism and investment for a better airport; it facilitates the access doors to foreign investment with a growing demand for both housing and development of mixed uses, Jalisco and more specific Guadalajara and its metropolitan area are positioned as a perfect place to invest in the real estate market with a prospect of a large return on investment in the short term.


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