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Discover the woderful streets of Tlaquepaque and all of the things this magic comunnity has to offer
Spend the evening around the Andares shopping mall, with the most exclusive stores and brands.

Either for the Tequila or for the Mariachi, Guadalajara its positioned as one of the most beautiful and modern cities in the Mexican Country. Located in central region of Jalisco and with a population of 5,002,466, Guadalajara is considered the second most populated urban area in Mexico after Mexico City. Let’s just say that the city keeps the charm of a colonial city but with all the modernity of the new century in every sense.

If you go downtown, you can admire the exquisite neo-Gothic architecture on the buildings, but the cherry on top is the beautiful “Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento” dating from the 20th century is the main church of the state, with stained glass windows designed by french architects Jaques y Gerard Degusseau, the result is a real delight for the eyes. Less than half an hour away by car you can find a magical town called Tlaquepaque with the most gorgeous streets full of colors and culture and one of the most important plastic arts school in the country. But if you are one of those who loves the retail therapy the shopping scene won’t disappoint you, because Andares shopping mall has very impressive and contemporary architecture but also the most exclusive national and international stores. You could definitely spend the whole evening there without noticing.

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Que mejor forma de degustar de la gastronimía del estado que disfrutando de un placero de arrachera en “La Tequila”.

Now, lets take some time to talk about the delicious gastronomy Guadalajara has to offer, from the torta ahogada to the infamous tequila already known in the whole world. The exquisiteness of the food and the beverages is something you notice since the moment you put a step in the city. There’s a bit for everyone, you could find some typical street food trucks with the most amazing tacos but if your’e celebrating something special there are also some incredibly cool spots in the city, specially in the night scene. Imagine have dinner made by the hands of the world’s renowned chef Darren Walsh at “Lula Bistro”, what an experience! or what about a delicious grilled cheese with tequila, yes, your read right, “La Tequila” serve some amazing typical dishes with the twist of modern gastronomy. there are some amazing spots to visit if you are a food lover.

If we talk about housing and real estate in the city there are plenty of options in the market for all kinds of costumers, same as other cities, Guadalajara features a great variety of hotels such as the beautiful “Demetria” hotel at downtown for the most demanding costumers. But if you are planning to stay for a whileand to invest in a property (because trust me, you’re gonna love this city), let me tell you that verticality it is really a trend in the city, there’s a lot of condos and apartment developments with the most amazing design, thought-out by the most talented architects, just take a look at our website, in the real estate market we work real hard every day to offer you the best options for you and your loved one’s, places with lots of potential and just as we say in SILMÉXICO, “location, location, location”. The location is everything when you are planning to invest in a property, and the new developments available in Guadalajara are just simply the best. We believe your new home need to be close to your work, close to your kids school, close the park to take your dog for a walk, close to movie theater to go with the family on weekends but also give you the mod cons to go to the gym or take a swim without even leave your building. The opportunities coming for the real estate this year are immense but thinking about investment in a profitable city is what really matters and Guadalajara has that historic charm but also the cosmopolitan style your were looking for. Contact us today, we are going to be pleased to advise you about your next investment move.


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