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Today our beautiful city is celebrating, both locals and foreigners are commemorating the 491st anniversary of the Green Antequera. A day like today but in the year 1532, it was granted the title of City by King Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany. In a statement, it was reported that at that time, the City of Antequera was the third in New Spain to receive the category and title of «very noble and loyal», a designation with which it is considered one of the first three Mexican cities in receive said distinction, after Mexico City and Puebla de Los Ángeles. At the beginning of the 16th century, the towns (today neighborhoods and agencies) of Xochimilco and Jalatlaco were founded. Starting in the second half of the 16th century, the economic and political conditions of the Valley changed notably. Antequera began a first period of continuous growth. It was transformed from a small, internally agriculturally oriented town into a sizable export trading center. Over the years, the advances were more and more, the construction activity intensified with the construction of temples and other buildings that we can observe today.

Over the years, the city has been called in different ways and has undergone some changes, without losing its essence and colonial architecture, likewise, its traditions, gastronomy, and the warmth of its people distinguish it, making it one of the preferred destinations for tourists. Therefore, it is not a surprise to anyone that more and more people choose Oaxaca as their place to live or as an investment option.

The City of Oaxaca is synonymous with history, art, and tradition, when you visit it do not hesitate to taste its typical dishes and take the best photographs in any of its different architectural jewels such as churches, museums, or old house facades that still stand, as well as admire and acquire unique pieces made by Oaxacan artisans.


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